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Childbirth Education Classes 

Dear Doula is a Certified Childbirth Educator and combines that knowledge when practicing as a doula. 

What is a Childbirth Educator?

A Childbirth Educator is a professional who is a source of evidenced based information with the necessary skills to teach, support and guide expectant parents as they prepare for their upcoming birth. (IDI.COM)

Throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum, it can be empowering for individuals to have the necessary information that they require in order to make an informed medical decision about their pregnancy, body and baby.

Dear Doula will:

  • support and guide parents by providing evidence based information about pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period

  • facilitate learning about infant feeding, infant care and parenting styles 

  • encourages parents to ask questions and become participants throughout their pregnancy and birth experience

  • acts as a resource for information during pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum

  • provides evidenced-based resources 

  • connects/referrals families to community resources, if needed

  • offers private in-home sessions 


Classes with Dear Doula occur in 4 sessions:

(60-90 minutes long) discussing:

  • pregnancy and fetal development 

  • early pregnancy symptoms 

  • early pregnancy terms & estimated due date

  • medical terms used later in pregnancy 

  • going over the three trimesters 

  • pre-term and full term pregnancy 

  • delayed cord clamping 

  • placenta delivery and what you can do what your placenta after birth

  • benefits of immediate skin-to skin and the "first golden hour"

  • vitamin K shot, Erythromycin (Eye ointment), Hepatitis B Vaccine 

  • circumcision education/choices 

  • hatting & interference with bonding 

  • help families understand birth options, birth interventions and informed decision making 

  • go over the B.R.A.I.N. acronym

  • understanding early bonding, infant feeding, infant care and postpartum healing 

  • teaching evidenced based information that empowers parents to make informed decisions throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum 

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