Frequently Asked Questions about Doulas

What does a birth doula do?

A birth doula provides informational, emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum. A doula offers continuous support throughout your entire labor and delivery. A doula can help facilitate positive communication, offer different comfort methods and provide evidence-based information to support you and your partner. 

When is the best time to hire a birth doula?

Anytime - It's never too early or too late to hire a doula! If you are certain that you would like to hire a birth doula for your birth and have found one that best meets your needs, it is recommended to book early because most fill up quickly or have limited availability. 

What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?

Great question! A midwife is a certified nurse midwife and is able to provide medical care and delivery babies. A doula provides emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum. Doulas do not perform medical tasks on the  birthing individual or baby, but attend and support birthing individuals and partners during birth. Doulas provide individualized, one-on-one care to suit your wants and desires while other providers may need to tend to other patients. 

Does a doula replace my husbands/partner's role? 

No! A doula is there support you and your partner. A doula can provide support for your partner by normalizing breaks, reassuring partner, and by providing emotional and informational support throughout birth. Labor is a marathon! It's important to have a caring, solid supportive team! 

Will a doula be useful if I have medicated or a cesarean birth?

Absolutely! Doulas support all kinds of births.

No matter what kind of birth you have, questions will come up. It is important that you feel like you have all the evidenced-based information you need in order to make an informed decision for you, your body, and baby. 

Can a doula assist with breastfeeding? 

Sometimes. It is important to ask if the doula provides additional breastfeeding support. 

Dear Doula is a certified Breastfeeding Counselor and provides immediate postpartum latching and breastfeeding tips. 

What's a postpartum doula? 

A postpartum doula can provide in-home support during those first couple weeks and months of life. Postpartum doulas assist during those long overnights or during the day time so that you can catch up on sleep and get additional care and support!  Postpartum doulas can assist with providing hands-on education and care for you and your baby. ​