Breast/Chest Feeding Support 

Dear Doula can empower, educate and support with breast/chest feeding during this new time of life. Dear Doula offers breastfeeding counseling during the first days, weeks and months after giving birth. The breastfeeding and postpartum period can be difficult for new families and support is available. 

Dear Doula offers support by:

  • providing education on breast structure and function 

  • maternal nutrition & different health components 

  • ages and stages of development 

  • components of milk and milk supply 

  • building a supply

  • where/how to store milk 

  • different latch tips, suggestions, positioning 

  • ages and stages of development as it relates to feedings 

  • introduce reflexes, rooting, sucking cues 

  • common breastfeeding challenges

  • returning to work and pumping/bottle feeding 

Advanced Breastfeeding Counseling:

  • helping knowing what is normal or when you need specialized care 

  • help with comfortable positions for birthing individual, partner and baby

  • establishing healthy routines 

  • how to recognize a successful latch 

  • tips on how to use your breast pump, Haakaa, Collection Cups 

  • proper milk storage 

  • preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning/sterilizing 

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Breastfeeding Support Includes: 

  • private in-home or virtual options 

  • assess/evaluate feeding needs

  • provide education/tips/referrals to certain providers

  • troubleshoot any potential latching issues

  • show different breastfeeding positions

  • referrals for local breastfeeding support

  • access to evidence-based resources and materials

  • continuous support from Dear Doula

"There's so much pressure on women now to succeed at breastfeeding, and yet there's so little given information in order to allow them to successfully breastfeed."
('Mothering the New Mother' by Sally Placksin)