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Meet Bridget Strub, CD (DONA) 

Bridget has been a Birth Doula for the past 5 years. In addition to birth support, Bridget is a certified Childbirth Educator and breast pump rental provider serving the Rochester, NY region. Bridget is in the process of developing a Midwifery-Led Freestanding Birth Center in Upstate NY! Bridget offers a calm presence, evidence-based expertise, gentle comfort and steady strength to women and their families as they prepare for and move through birth and early parenthood. 

Bridget is so incredibly supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable about birth. Dear Doula is so fortunate to have Bridget not only as a back up, but as a great mentor, friend and amazing doula! 

Bridget lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and two children. Bridget enjoys spending time outside, exploring new nature spots and finds rich meaning in inspirational readings/affirmations to fuel to the mind, body and soul. 

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